About Us

Carpestone is a family business with a longstanding tradition spanning more than 80 years, (over three generations) in the world of natural stone. Our experience means we now have at our disposal the best in human resources and techniques with which to engage in professional extraction, transformation and sales.

We are based in Murcia, a renown nerve centre for natural marble in Spain, within easy reach of Novelda, Almeria and Caravaca - key extraction and production zones in this country, and one of the largest of its kind in the world. We specialise in products from this region and also import high quality Greek and Travertine marble.

An impressive 85 per cent of our total production is centred on exportation. We have sales representatives in Bangkok (Thailand), Kavala (Greece), Chenai (India), Casablanca (Morocco) and in Sao Paolo, (Brazil). Our sales team is equipped to handle block exports, slabs and crafted products to any country.